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Our range of sling styles and sizes will accommodate virtually any lift, positioning, and transfer requirement. And, if our standard selection does not provide a sling solution, we will have a sling system custom designed to your specifications.

The slings are manufactured from durable nylon mesh, polyester fabrics and quilted padding to provide contoured support, comfort and safety. As well, these long-wear, quick-drying slings contain no metal parts, making them convenient to launder and easy to return to service, without the need to locate mislaid inserts.


The Universal Sling is easy-to-use and easy-to-fit. It is a multi-purpose sling that provides toileting access as well as good back and thigh support. The sling comes with leg, hip and shoulder straps and features loops to accommodate various seating positions. Available in mesh, quilted or padded material, the Universal Sling can also be supplied with added head and neck support.


Acknowledged by professionals as the most comfortable and supportive sling for both home and institutional use, the versatile Hammock Sling combines toileting access with full body and head support. The sling comes with leg and head straps and features loops to allow for various sitting positions. The Hammock is available in either mesh or quilted material.


The Hygiene Sling was specifically designed for toileting and hygiene functions. Access is unrestricted for most users, making this sling ideal for independent transfer and toileting. The Hygiene Sling features quilted material and comes with leg and shoulder straps with loops for various seating positions. A wide strap across the chest, available with velcro or buckle attachment, provides additional upper body support.


With Infection Control becoming an area of greater focus and attention, disposable slings are designed to be used by one individual and disposed of when; a) the patient/resident no longer requires or b) the sling is soiled. The disposable slings are based on the design, safety, comfort and application of the Waverley Glen sling patterns. Label indicates when the sling is in need of disposal. Typical safe use ranges from 1-3 months (dependent upon frequency of use). Available in the Universal, Band and Postioning Sling.


Ideal for supporting limbs to facilitate change of dressing on arms, hands, legs, feet or to elevate and hold limbs during surgery.


The Positioning Sling is intended to be permanently in place as part of the bedding. The sling has several pairs of straps and features loops to offer support in various positions. Repositioning and turning, done manually under time pressure, poses a significant risk of injury to caregivers. The Positioning Sling is designed to address that risk. The sling is also used for transfers to other horizontal surfaces.


The Walking Sling was developed with the help of physical therapists. This supportive sling assists in the safe lifting of individuals from a seated to a standing position. The Walking Sling offers upper body support and freedom of movement to individuals performing exercises in a rehabilitation setting.


The Deluxe Walking Sling is the new generation of slings for support during ambulation. This sling features all of the same features of the Walking Sling, but offers additional adjustment around the torso.


The Standing Sling is a dual purpose sling affording a natural sit to stand movement. Functional from both bedside and chair surface, this sling encourages pivot transfers, ambulation and toileting.


The Stand-Aid Sling is designed to comfortably wrap around the patient’s waist and with limited pressure will help raise the person to a standing position.


Ideal for supporting limbs to facilitate change of dressing on arms, hands, legs, feet or to elevate and hold limbs during surgery.


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