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Seat Lift Chairs

Take a look at our catalog of Pride Lift Chairs. Each collection features options for different needs and different budgets.
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At Home Medical Equipment, we will personally work with you and your physician and help you make a claim to Medicare. For more information, please refer to our Insurance Information page. If you have any questions, we would love to accommodate you. Please call us at 516-505-1200.

With their ease of use, comfort, design, and functionality, a Lift Chair can be essential to your home.

Lift Chairs are reclining easy chairs with a special motor designed to aid the user into a standing position. These chairs are especially beneficial towards arthritic patients.


The chairs are quiet, safe, and controlled by an attached remote that responds to your touch and can stop at any point during operation.


Every model comes in a variety of different styles, fabrics, and colors. Check the Options Guide to see what options are available.


The lift chairs offered come in three different basic models:

2-Way Lift Chairs


A two-way lift chair has, in addition to the lifting position, two seated positions. They are the most basic lift chairs available.


These seats are able to recline backwards slightly, while the ottoman in the front raises, much like a typical Lazy Boy recliner.


3-Way Lift Chair


These chairs recline much further back, allowing extended comfort should you happen to fall asleep.


The lift mechanism can stop at any time, allowing you to find a position that works for you.


Infinite Position Lift Chairs


These chairs recline back the furthest. They also have a feature to raise the ottoman above your heart or move your body into a zero-gravity position, giving you complete control to find your maximum comfort level.


Using our website, you can calculate which chair would work best for your needs. With our wide selection, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable cost.


At Home Medical Equipment, we strive for the best quality customer care in Long Island and the surrounding metropolitan area. When you buy from Home Medical Equipment, you are not buying from a faceless warehouse.


We do not offer drop-shipment, because it is our policy to give you the care and service that you deserve. For a small additional fee, you get the full “White Glove Treatment.” A certified technician from our home offices will personally deliver, set up, and show you how to use your new equipment.


We will not drop a 300 lb item at your doorstep and leave you stranded, nor will we send a technician from outside of our company. Since we focus on local care, we can afford to provide you with the lowest prices for the highest amount of customer service.


Our technicians have years of experience with all of the equipment in our warehouse. We also stand by our work and offer routine maintenance after the item is purchased.


What is value? Value is where price, quality, and service meet. Home Medical Equipment is devoted to giving our customers the best value possible.