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S-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift

Prism S-440 Sit-to-Stand Lift

Prism Medical Canada’s S-440 Sit-to-Stand is an easy-to-use stand-up floor lift, designed for patients/residents with reduced mobility and physical strength who are unable to raise themselves independently.

Patients must be able to weight bear and have a degree of self support.

The S-440 Sit-to-Stand transfsers the patient standing up, in a more dignified manner, providing the patient with a greater sense of security and the caregiver with improved working conditions.
The S-440 Sit-to-Stand spreads the front legs in a full V-Spread, while the rear legs are fixed, thus providing a wide and stable base.

The S-440 is designed with ease of use and flexibility in mind. It’s made with aluminum so that it’s lightweight and easy to move. The footplate is removable to allow for gate training and easy cleanup.The shin pad pivots and is height adjustable as well as forward-and-back. In conjunction with Prism Medical Canada’s slings, the S-440 maximizes patient comfort and caregiver ease of use.


  • Lightweight, aluminum construction
  • Wide spreading legs provide a stable base
  • Horizontally/verically adjustable shin pad
  • Removable foot plate
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Includes Medium Stand-Aid Harness and a Stand-Aid Belt


Height to top of legs: 4.8 inches (122 mm)
Clearance from bottom of legs to floor: 1.9 inches (48 mm)
Wheels (dual-wheel castors): Front – 3″ (76 mm), Rear – 4″ (101 mm) with brake
Length of lifting arm: 2.7 feet (82 cm)
Length of legs: 2.5 feet (76 cm)
Distance inside the legs (min): 2 feet (61 cm)
Distance inside the legs (max): 4.2 feet (128 cm)
Distance outside the legs (min): 2.3 feet (70 cm)
Distance outside the legs (max): 4.7 feet (143 cm)
Turning radius: 4.3 feet (131 cm)
Lifting height (min): 2 feet (61 cm)
Lifting height (max): 5.8 feet (177 cm)
Lifting range: 3.8 feet (116 cm)
Maximum weight load: 440 lbs (200 kgs)
Total Shipping Weight – WGS Box: 70 lbs (32 kgs) / 68 lbs (31 kgs)
Weight lower section – Without Box: 60 lbs (27 kgs)
Weight upper section – Without Box: 58 lbs (26 kgs)