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QRamp Modular Access System

QRamp Modular Access System

QRamp Modular Access System
QRamp™ is simply an access ramp system that is designed for quick, easy assembly that actually looks nice on your home and is packed with exclusive safety features that other ramps simply don’t have. Need a Wheelchair ramp, Scooter ramp, Walker ramp or simply an easier grade to negotiate? QRamp™ is the safest solution available and QRamp™ can be in your service faster than anything else on the market.

With only four core modules stocked at your local retailer QRamp™ is a snap to configure and most installations take about an hour. That means when you need an access system QRamp™ is ready.

ThruFlow™ decking is the best non-slip polymer ramp panel on the market….no need to reinvent the wheel there, we use it and you stay sure footed in any weather.

Strong, Durable and Reliable made of powder coated aluminum and polymer the QRamp™ is as low maintenance as you can get in a ramp system.

Four and a half inch curbs are assisted defining the ramp surface at night by photo-luminescent light strips.

QRamp™ is what you need, when you need it, without looking gaudy!



Non-Slip Surface

QRamp™ provides a durable, ADA compliant, 360° non-slip surface that has a large bariatric load capacity. The decking that  is built into the frame is Thru-Flow panels and has a 12 year warranty.

Glow in the Dark Guides

To assist you in the dark, QRamp™ has incorporated glow in the dark guides that are lined on the interior side beams. These photo-luminescent strips last up to 6 hours and help you safely enter or exit your home, school or business.

Above Average Curb Height

Featuring an exclusive above average curb height that you will not find anywhere else on the market. QRamp™ ensures that your mobility device will not reach over the edge with the 4.5″ curbs.



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