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EZ-Access Transitions Angled Entry Mat

EZ-Access Transitions Angled Entry Mat

EZ-Access Transitions Angled Entry Mat












Slip resistant and made entirely of recycled tires, the EZ-ACCESS Transitions Angled Entry Mat is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and provides a safe and smooth ground-to-sill transition. It is especially practical for sliding glass doors because it does not interfere with the door track. Usable width is 36″ (40″ and 43″ overall including bevels) with a maximum height of 1½” and 2½” for each model, respectively.


  • Made of 100% recycled Rubber
  • Non-skid surface
  • Usable size & Unit weight
    • THRBE 150-1: 1½” x 14” x 36”
    • THRBE 250-1: 2½” x 25″ x 43″
  • Weight capacity (both models): 850 lbs
  • For wheelchairs and scooters



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